The Elsewhere

site-specific installation
Backlit translucent films applied over 14 windows, 16 channel sound diffusion
Royal Festival Hall Ballroom, South Bank Centre, London

About this work

Encompassing his first solo show in the UK, commissioned by the South Bank

Centre, Wolf transformed the Royal Festival Hall Ballroom into a site-specific installation to conjure feelings of timelessness and absence. By flooding a glass wall extending the length of the public ballroom with a steady caliber of light, Wolf fabricated an uncanny effect of still daytime. The fixed light, which reflected brightly on the polished ballroom floor, remained constant even as the natural light of the city changed from day to night. The redefined space created a haze like feeling of otherworldly slowness in an environment normally attended by the business of everyday visitors to the SBC.

The randomly diffusion of sounds of children filtered throughout the space enhanced the feelings of timelessness and absence. The sounds of playful screeching evoked an invisible world of an absent, yet present community sharing the space with the visitor. The hazy light of the installation, combined with the familiar sounds of children at play, conjure experiences one might associate with childhood memory and dreaming. The Elsewhere was an intervention aimed at sparking emotion and igniting imagination, stimulating a new experience of time, space and light.