Braille Stars (Braille Stars)

Site-specific installation
4 fixed slide projections, 2 channel sound diffusion of reciting soprano voices
Spazio CI, Sesto San Giovanni, Milan

About this work

Commissioned by the non-profit Milano Arte Estetica as part of a series of site-specific installations organized in conjunction with a conference on art and philosophy, Wolf created Stella Braille to reflect upon the relationship between verbal, visual and auditory language. He projected macro reproductions of the Braille alphabet onto four walls of an abandoned industrial space while overlaying two recorded sound diffusions of recited words. Visitors saw the images of braille, heard the repeated words and became integrated into the piece itself as the light projections cast their shadows onto the surrounding walls. By transforming the tactile language of Braille into a language of light, Wolf gave viewers the opportunity to be immersed in a new visual code.