Silvio Wolf, 2009, Venice Biennale

Silvio Wolf, one of Italys entries into the 2009 Venice Biennale, speaks about his Horizon and Chance series combining straight photography and the unexposed ends of film rolls as negatives exposed to light. The end results are mesmerizing and meditative colorful images about light and absence of light. Wolf also mentions the importance of space in his work where the viewer reflected in the plexiglas is part of the image.

Silvio Wolf, Photographer: In This Place. The interview by David Rapoport

Interview by David Rapoport. About Silvio Wolf, and his work. Mr. Wolf, talks about time and place, two variables that relate to his work. Silvio Wolf is a photographer, artist, instructor, teacher, mentor, and an exceptional abstractionist. In this interview, Mr. Wolf describes the unknown, and looking into some other mental space. I am greatly indebted to him, for what he has taught me in this field, and in life.

Silvio Wolf, 2011, Milan

Sandro Iovine interviews Silvio Wolf, Milan 3 August 2011