ART-ECO-WELLNESS™ is the concept of bringing transformational and healing power to new spaces, natural and man-made, transforming already existing architectural and natural environments into spaces of personal experience and wellness.

Working site-specifically, an Art-Eco-Wellness™ intervention takes into consideration the values and goals of each commissioning institution and subject, connecting people, place, and history.

Art-Eco-Wellness™ transformative spaces help teach people to navigate their visual, sensory, and emotional perceptions and ignite imagination without being overwhelming. They teach mindfulness in a world full of reactive behaviours and help everyone in need to find the healing powers within, while connecting to the outside world with trust and compassion. As a result, each person who moves through or lingers in the space can experience a moment of consideration, a pause from everyday activities, and potentially access to peace and healing.

Art-Eco-Wellness ™ was conceived through the teamwork of artist/photographer/philosopher Silvio Wolf, neurologist/psychoanalyst/educator Inna Rozentsvit, and curator/art historian Rebecca Pristoop.

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